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1st class blends by Fitness Coffee GVM Italy: bags, pods and compatible capsules

for most expert tasters and fans of Italian Espresso coffee

New: Espresso Prima Classe® capsules. for Nespresso® machines* *: the brand is not property of GVM nor of other connected companies.

Napoli Portici Espresso Prima Classe® capsules for Nespresso® machines

Napoli-Portici Express mild roasted, incomparable taste and aroma in your cup.

Sanremo Espresso Prima Classe® scatola 10 capsule caffè

Sanremo Express Italian dark roasted, full-bodied, rich and distinctive flavor in cup.

Espresso Prima Classe®, a complete range of premium Italian coffee blends.

GVM is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer a so wide range of hot beverages: traditonal coffees, healthy patented coffees, healthy teas, healthy bio barley and the last new Cannabissimo™.

With our exclusive distribution agreement (EDA) and partnership, every introduced and serious importer can get in still free regions a great business opportunity.

ESPRESSO PRIMA CLASSE™ means "first class Italian Espresso coffee" but also "first class express train": we've choosen our brand thinking to our dear distributors and customers as if they were "First Class Express Passengers", enjoying a top quality cup of coffee sitting in their comfortable place.

The "Poste Italiane" Company has allowed us to print in our labels the history of these trains through the stamps issued by them in that time: all those who lived and who has seen only images and movies have a bit of excitement and emotion thinking about the first trains, which were the most important step for adventurous and magnificent travel facilitating enormously progress and human knowledge.

These range of premium coffee blends is born from our ancient passion for the "gold green beans" and from our experience like creators of the first natural healthy coffee with patented formula of medicinal herbs and functional spices (Fitness Coffee®). We have choose carefully the best selections and origins of green beans from four continents to let you feel the best taste, body and aroma in a gourmandise cup of coffee.

Tasting our professional or home blends, ever you'll enjoy a superb cup of Italian coffee. At bar or at home let yourself be seduced by the superior taste and aroma of the "First Class Espresso".

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